“First Date Rules?”


At the end of our first date, we had sex. On the second date, she started calling me her boyfriend. When I confronted her, she began crying and proceeded to yell at me in public.


Aftermath: It ended right then and there. Don’t sleep with men on the first date and expect a boyfriend.


5 Responses to “First Date Rules?”

  1. reggiemcfarlin says on :

    Again, Adam, you are a douchebag.

    Is douchebag profanity?

  2. CSuser10 says on :

    I dunno… i kind of agree that she was sending the wrong signal and definitely letting the relationship move to fast. Hate to say it, but women have to set the pace for us men if they want us to stick around.

  3. Luna Blue says on :

    we have to set the pace? set your own dang pace! she shouldnt expect to be his gf after 1 date but good lord!

  4. onthesleeve says on :

    ha if i smash it on the first night i met you then you will never be my GF thats just how it is.

  5. ObjectiveCommentator says on :

    What a hypocrite. What an oversimplified and dumb rule.