“Wrong Babe”


I got a text message one day. It said, “Hey babe…I had a great time last night, why don’t you spend the night tomorrow and we can have even more fun!” I was two states away at the time and far from her place.

— Thom

Aftermath: Found out she was seeing this guy for months after checking out the phone messages/calls I paid for. Broke up as soon as I got back.

This post was submitted by Thom.

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“Sugar Mamma”


To celebrate Valentine’s Day, my boyfriend told me that he wanted to take me out to a nice dinner as my present. Dinner was awesome until the bill came and he conveniently forgot his wallet. He slid the bill across the table and said “You’ve got this, right babe?” Happy Valentine’s Day to me!

— Amanda

Aftermath: To make up for the incident he took me out to a nice dinner again. This time, instead of forgetting his wallet he didn’t have enough money to cover the bill.

This post was submitted by Amanda.

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“Rock out…of my life.”


My boyfriend told me he wrote a song for me and was going to play it at his next show. He came on stage screaming and wrapped the mic cord around his neck like a noose and ripped his shirt off pouring fake blood on himself, and proceeds to properly dedicate it to his hardcore girlfriend.

— Liz

Aftermath: We broke up… Hardcore.

This post was submitted by Liz.

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“Diagnosis; slut”


She told me  I gave her Chlamydia, even though she was my first and only sexual experience and I knew she had a lot of “friends.”

— Mike

Aftermath: Test results later came back clean for me… Peace out!

This post was submitted by Mike.

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“Dog Surgeon”


I came home and discovered that he had gotten drunk and decided to cut my 20 year old dog’s skin tags off with a kitchen knife and bandage him up with duct tape.

— Lo

Aftermath: The duct tape fell off and I came home the next day to the other dog licking his wounds. That was it for me.

This post was submitted by Lo.

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