“Multiple Personalities”


My ex-wife claimd to be helping her ailing mother, but then her sister called to ask why they hadn’t seen her in a while. When I confronted her about her unexplained absences, she said “we’re not the same people…”

— Chris

Aftermath: We divorced.

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“First Date, Last Chance”


After our first date he turned to me and said he was having a party because he was moving out of the state and he really, really wanted me there because it was “our last chance to be together…if you know what I mean.”

— Jen

Aftermath: I did not return any of his calls and two months later I saw him at a restaurant I was at. So much for having  moved out of state!

This post was submitted by Jen.

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“She looked 18 officer…”

best of clashes

She slept over one night and we woke up late on a weekday. She said she was late for school. To my horror she had me drop her off at a local high school.

— Tom

Aftermath: I sold my car and joined the military and am now in Iraq. Is that far enough?

This post was submitted by Tom.

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At the end of the date, he held me in a death grip and plastered his disgustingly wet lips (and tongue) across my mouth. Then he pulled back and said, “There. That wasn’t so bad, was it?”

— Amy

Aftermath: Ugh, it was worse than bad. I never saw him again.

This post was submitted by Amy.

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One day he asked me to have sex with him in a back room of a goth club while others were watching. No thank you. It put a damper on the evening and in his drunken, angry, disappointed rage he started telling me how conservative I was, that I wasn’t who he thought I was…. and that I might as well have been a Republican and voted for Bush!

— Melanie

Aftermath: We broke up. Calling me a Republican was about all I could stand.

This post was submitted by melanie .

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