“Hiding in the bushes”


She claimed I had a “crew” that videotaped everything that happened in my apartment. There was also the “police hiding in the bushes” thing. Drugs and/or alcohol may have been involved.


Aftermath: Ended up married with two kids, then divorced.

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“Into computers”


The relationship started on the Internet, and although I wasn’t really attracted to him, I still moved in with him. I don’t know what I was expecting. Some sex would have been nice though. It turned out he was way more into computers than he was me and we both spent our days and nights side by side, him on his machine and me on mine. I kept wishing he’d shut the games off once in a while so we could go out and do other things. But when he learned I was looking for a new place, he cried over it. I faked caring.


Aftermath: It took a few weeks to find a new flat. I saw him a few times at work later but we just ignored each other like we’d done for a year. Eight years later, he’s married with kids and I’m still single.

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He said we would be perfect for each other, in about 5 years, after I changed. Interesting how he thought I was the one who both needed to and would change.


Aftermath: It lasted about two more weeks. He needed to change, right?

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“Tuition threesome”


I asked him to help me pay for my tuition and he actually had the nerve to ask me to have a threesome with him and his friend!!! It was so weird because I thought he was gonna say, “with another girl” (which still was not happening), but he said, “Another guy,” which meant he couldn’t possibly still love me…


Aftermath: He still calls from time to time but I never pick up.

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“It was wrong”

best of clashes

I walked out of my house to find a letter on my car wherein he wrote that he could not continue the relationship any longer because Jesus told him it was wrong.


Aftermath: I didn’t think the letter warranted a response. I heard he is now married. Hopefully Jesus approves.

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