“Bookmarked tab”

chemistry sex

I asked to borrow his computer. His bookmarks tab was open and one of the pages he had bookmarked was “Chicks with Dicks.”


Aftermath: Our 6-month “open” relationship ended about a month after this. He was a very sweet guy, but not for me.

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“I absolutely detested”

chemistry weird

I woke up, looked at my partner sitting on the edge of the bed and realized that I absolutely detested the shape of his head.


Aftermath: It only lasted 3 months after that.

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“I watched in horror”

best of manners

Having recently consummated a shiny new romance, I was cuddling on the couch with my new girlfriend. We were wrapped up in her comforter on the couch, watching TV and eating one of those giant chocolate bars. As her hands got smeared with melting chocolate, I watched in horror as she wiped her fingers on the edge of the blanket, then calmly folded over the chocolate-covered corner. I knew it wasn’t going to work right there.


Aftermath: The relationship lasted for 6 months, off and on.

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“Failed Spanish”


I knew it was over when a year-and-a-half into one of my relationships, he told me he failed Spanish class (in college). He was telling me at a moment when he just wanted to share his feelings, he was sad, and I realized that it so turned me off, this utter lack of effort or motivation.


Aftermath: Of course, I look back and realize how awful I am to men, so unforgiving, without empathy, and I wonder why men date me at all.

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chemistry quirks

I heard him singing “Oklahoma!” in the shower.


Aftermath: We dated another 8 months.

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