“Hank Williams”

best of chemistry

I was listening to some old country and he asked who it was. I told him. He had no idea who Hank Williams or Merle Haggard were.


Aftermath: As soon as we got back to his house, I left. He emails from time to time but I don’t respond!

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Realized how much of an a-hole he was when he barged into my room demanding his phone back because “I stole it” and then told me to, “never f-ing talk to him again.” Why did I have his phone? He was piss drunk and puking while I stood by him to make sure he was okay. I kept his phone for safe-keeping.


Aftermath: We were broken up before this but were trying to remain friends. This wasn’t the first time since being broken up that he was drunk and got mad at me for a trivial reason. Made me realize how much he took me for granted and still didn’t appreciate me.

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On the third date, he was droning on about himself again and I fell asleep.


Aftermath: We had less than zero chemistry to start with, and he had a ‘stalker’ vibe. In three days time, he had given me an gold necklace with my birthstone, and had left personal items in my car and workplace. I told him I really wasn’t interested and returned everything to him.

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“Update your contacts”


After hanging out for a few weeks at his apartment on weeknights, I asked him to hang out in public on the weekend. He said yes, then never called. We got in a huge argument on text & he then called me another girl’s name. When called out, his response “My bad. Lol. Don’t be upset. An honest mistake.”


Aftermath: He texted me another month later, asking if I was interested in hanging out again. Told him I wasn’t interested and reminded him who I was just in case he hadn’t updated his contacts yet. His response? “Whatever,” then not another word, ever.

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“Bob Dylan Happy Dance”

best of weird

We were listening to some Bob Dylan over breakfast. Out of nowhere he jumped up from the sofa and danced around the room whilst pulling his hair, shaking his head from side to side and shouting “Yes!!” For 3 songs solid. When I asked what he was doing, he said: “It’s how I express myself when I’m happy, and if you don’t love my dancing then you don’t love me…”

–Guys Shouldn’t Bounce

Aftermath: I ended it soon after via email. Mean, I know. But if that was his ‘happy dance’ I dread to think what being upset would do to him.

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