best of secrets!

It should have been over the day I found out he had created a account “just to see if anyone would respond.” Fast forward 6 years of never-completely-off / never-completely-sure-if-we-were-on, his father was terminally ill. I feel awful for him and agree to “try again” because he swore I was what was missing in his life, and the only one for him…


Aftermath: Reading his father’s obituary, he was listed as having a wife. A what? I sent my condolences to him and his wife via text message, along with the fact that I never wanted to hear from him again.

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“Crappy Present”

best of weird

After a four-year relationship, he gave me a toilet seat for my birthday present. He said: “I knew you needed one and I couldn’t think of what else to get you.” And he didn’t even wrap it!


Aftermath: Unfortunately, I’m reminded of him every day, actually several times a day.

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best of chemistry

I knew it was over when he bought me a copy of World of Warcraft for my 18th birthday.


Aftermath: It officially ended on our two-year anniversary, when he called me to say he wouldn’t be picking me up from work because he “just got into a group for a raid” in on the online game. We’re still friends though.

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“Wasn’t Worth It”


Four months in, he asked if he could stay with me while working in my town. Two months stretched into six, then he said he had another job coming up and wanted to continue living with me. He had just settled out of court for custody of his kid, so I knew he was no longer saving money for a lawyer. I asked him to contribute 1/3 of the rent in my new apartment. He told me it “wasn’t worth it” to him to pay $350/month to stay.


Aftermath: I said it “wasn’t worth it” to me to date a freeloader and kicked him out. Two days later, he got back with the ex even though he had spent a year talking about how much he hated her. I guess the free rent at her mom’s house is “worth it.”

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“Drunk go-ahead”


She had a bit of a drinking problem. It was over when after a date, she knew she had too much to drink and would likely pass out. She felt guilty and said I could go ahead and have sex with her while she was out…


Aftermath: It did drag on for awhile, but only got worse. Last I heard she was in and out of rehab.

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