She finally had sex with me after weeks of just handjobs, and we lived together! I flipped her into a position where I saw straight up her nose, which was full of coke.


Aftermath: Stayed with her long enough for her to leave me for someone she met on the Internet. She’s basically homeless now.

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“Pot smoking loser”


I dated him for about 8 months, then he told me he never loved me.


Aftermath: He lived with mommy and daddy, smoked too much, the sex was bad, and drove mommy and daddy’s vehicle. He was a loser anyway!

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“Peep hole”

best of weird

I caught him trying to spy on me through my door’s peephole. I hid for awhile, but he wouldn’t go away and accused me of having someone with me. He said the police would have to escort him out ’cause he wasn’t leaving till he had answers.


Aftermath: I was scared of his craziness but followed through with my plans to end it anyway. I also made sure my peephole was not turned around for future creepers to spy.

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“Bright Red”

best of manners

We were dating and he excused himself to go to the bathroom, came back, started kissing me, and the distinct smell of sh*t was in the air. I asked him if he’d washed his hands, he turned bright red, and embarrassingly walked away to wash them. After he has groped me and kissed my face.


Aftermath: 3 1/2 years later, many skid marks, and smelly rooms later…and we’re still married. I’m filing for divorce next month.

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best of secrets!

It should have been over the day I found out he had created a account “just to see if anyone would respond.” Fast forward 6 years of never-completely-off / never-completely-sure-if-we-were-on, his father was terminally ill. I feel awful for him and agree to “try again” because he swore I was what was missing in his life, and the only one for him…


Aftermath: Reading his father’s obituary, he was listed as having a wife. A what? I sent my condolences to him and his wife via text message, along with the fact that I never wanted to hear from him again.

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