best of weird

We were together for eight years. On our second wedding anniversary, he told me he was moving out and wanted a divorce. Then he asked if we could still date afterward.


Aftermath: The last time I voluntarily saw him was when we signed the divorce papers. Single life is hard for me, but it’s better than being married to him.

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“Muffin Top”

best of chemistry

He explained that his friends at work liked to grab his “muffin top” that hangs over his jeans to tease him.


I allowed him to take me on a few more dinner dates because he had good taste in restaurants.

This post was submitted by Amy.

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“If, then”


She cried, “If I can’t have you when you’re sober, then you can’t have me when you’re drunk!”  The next day, she promised never to cross the bounds of our friendship again. Needless to say, she did but I wasn’t having it and moved on.


Aftermath: She’s back with the guy she broke up with me for, hopefully happy. I’m so happy with my new girl, who is everything I could ever want sober or otherwise.

This post was submitted by Allen.

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“Another Girl”


He asked my roommate for another girl’s number. And later lied about it.


Aftermath: It was over before that even happened. I later found out (not to my surprise) that he just wanted to get with me. Luckily I didn’t give him any.

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best of weird

Not only did he have a man purse (aka a ‘murse’), which I could have dealt with, but he also exclaimed he could foot the dinner bill because “this place is cheap.” And then as we parted, he pulled a jar of chunky peanut butter out of his murse, gave it to me, and told me, “It reminded me of you.”


Aftermath: I tossed the peanut butter and never saw him or his murse again.

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