“Unfriend, Refriend”

best of chemistry

We went out once. He Facebooked friended me that same day. I didn’t hear from him again for, oh, a month, so I thought it was safe to assume neither of us was particularly interested. I unfriended him. A day later, he refriended me and asked me why I unfriended him.


Aftermath: It was a non-starter. I haven’t responded to the friend request. I think it will stay that way.

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“Mr F Up!”


He’s older, great body, total f-up, bankrupt, 2 kids, crazy ex wife, always late. Super nice, very well educated, everyone loves him, great in bed, awesome guy other than what I just mentioned.


Aftermath: Five years of living together but I’m not sure now! Thinking of big break-up…help?

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“Culture Shock”

best of clashes

He started making plans for a joint vacation (after only four days of knowing each other) to New York’s Chinatown because he wanted “to learn more about my culture.” I’m Korean.


Aftermath: He was a very clingy, sticky rice queen, so it wasn’t too difficult quitting him.

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“I’m Fine, Thank You”


I called to tell her I was in a wreck and the car was totalled.

— Jim

Aftermath: She replied “great now what are we gonna do” instead of Are YOU OKAY?

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best of weird

She told me she was spending the weekend at the beach with a guy she met on an Internet video game to “figure out how I feel about him, face-to-face.”


Aftermath: She ended up with another guy she met on the same video game.

This post was submitted by Derrick.

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