“Too Soon?”


He scolded me for not answering his call, not taking a walk at 11:00 at night, not doing his laundry or cooking dinner for him, and not letting him come over and “wear me out.” I had only known his name for 1.5 days.


Aftermath: I told him “this whole talking thing ain’t working for me.” He never called again.

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“Who’s at the Door?”

best of secrets!

His new-to-me fiancée answered the door when I went to visit him, holding their 6-month-old baby!


Aftermath: I congratulated the blushing bride on her awesome pick of a husband-to-be.

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“Tom Thumb”

best of sex

Two words: Thumb dick.


Aftermath: Need I say more?

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“In Dinosaur”

best of quirks

After only two days of chatting on Facebook, he told me “Rawr! It means ‘I love you’ in dinosaur,”and he was serious.


Aftermath: None.

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“Dry Spells”

best of sex

I have that one ex who I still keep in touch with to get me through the “dry spells.” But, being a girl, I sometimes confuse this with a relationship and get upset when he doesn’t call. This last time, I decided it was over when I looked at my phone and realized that in the 3 weeks since we had “reconnected.”  He never called and only sent text messages late on Friday nights.


Aftermath: It’s embarrassing that this has happened so many times, but what can I say? I’ll let you know the aftermath in 3 months or so.

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