“Arthur Andersen”


We were coworkers at a dotcom startup in 2000. He liked to namedrop Arthur Andersen and his previous consulting work for them. I asked him out and he said, “Sorry, you’re not Jewish and my mom wouldn’t like it.”


Aftermath: Okee dokee. The Enron scandal breaking afterward was pretty awesome.

This post was submitted by Shannon.

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“Someone Else”


I slept with another guy and told my original boyfriend that I kissed him and I was so sorry but he still dumped me.


Aftermath: He later took me back and as soon as I fell in love with him, he knew it and he dumped me.

This post was submitted by Cake.

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“Father’s Love”

best of weird

I was fooling around with a much older man, whose daughter was actually a good friend of mine. One morning, after not even ten minutes of trying to contact his daughter, he turns to me and says, “… my daughters have to be the biggest mistakes of my life!”


Aftermath: He actually called me later that day, drunk, trying to convince me that I should leave my little sister’s birthday party to join him and his friends for an orgy. … Haven’t seen him since.

This post was submitted by Rowan.

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“Merry Christmas to Me”


My long distance boyfriend of over a year didn’t even text me an “I love you” on Christmas, after saying how badly he wanted me to be there with him and how we’d talk every chance we could.


Aftermath: I still haven’t heard from him.

This post was submitted by Annoyed.

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“Lost Boy”

best of chemistry

We met online and, after a few months, set up a date. He was supposed to arrive @ 7 p.m. He didn’t show until 11:30 p.m. Kept getting lost and calling me from various “lost” locations. I’m sorry, only an idiot would get this lost. Nonetheless, I kept the date and let Lost Boy into my home. At 12:30am, I yawned. He shot up from his chair and barked at me: “Sorry if I’m keeping you up or anything” and ran out the door.


Aftermath: A few days later, he texted me and wanted to make sure I wasn’t mad. I ignored it and vowed to myself to never sign up on an Internet dating site EVER again.

This post was submitted by Kim.

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