“In and Out”

best of sex

I lost my “virginity” to a guy who performed the entire act to completion, never realizing he has never actually “in.”

— Dawn

Aftermath: I broke up with him the next day and he drove to my house and handed me a very angry letter which stated that girls who break up with a guy after what we did get a VERY bad reputation. He ended up with the bad reputation. Amateur!

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“Three’s a crowd”


My ex always wanted a threesome. Eventually we found someone that was into both of us. A few months later they started spending all their time together and I was left out. He broke up with me for her and said we were going to get evicted cause he will not pay rent.

— Alex

Aftermath: I talked to the landlord. He is going to be evicted not me.

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“KKK? You don’t say?”

best of clashes

Started dating a girl and it was good until 3 months after when she wanted me to meet her family visiting from Alabama. Turns out they are “KKK” members…I’m African American……

— Riot

Aftermath: It was over that second…..yeah… like that wasn’t gonna be an awkward family renunion!

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“Got What She Wanted”


She noticed my grandma’s opal pendant, a family heirloom. She asked if she could borrow it. I said “Maybe someday, it’s really important to me.” Two and a half years later I give in and let her borrow it for a weekend. She breaks up with me over the phone that night and refused to see me ever again. Guess she got what she wanted.

— Heirloom

Aftermath: She tried to get back with me a few times but denies she has the pendant, despite running in to her and seeing it around her neck. I’m only allowed the satisfaction of denying her advances, but I’d rather have the heirloom.

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“Lesbian Avatar”


My husband was in an online game using a female avatar and fell in love with another player, also a female avatar. They had a wedding ceremony online in which my husband proudly proclaimed he’d never loved anyone the way he loves her.

— Barbara

Aftermath: Haha! Not only was my husband’s avatar piloted by a man – so was the other “woman.” We’re divorced now and I hear my ex is pursuing a sex change.

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