“The Final Hour”


I was called to the nursing home because my Grammy was fading quickly. He knew where I was going and why. Because I needed him, I tried for about 45 minutes to reach him on his cell. He was supposed to be at home with the dog. No luck. When I finally got home I found him passed out drunk at the bottom of a bottle of Crown Royal.

— Gabby

Aftermath: We’re divorced. I got the dog.

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“I don’t”

best of clashes

I decided to do the most romantic thing I could think of for our 20th anniversary – a surprise wedding renewal. Friends and relatives from all over the country attended. I proposed on one knee in front of everyone, told her I loved her, and renewed our vows. Everyone cried … everyone but her.

After we got home from the service she said, “How DARE you do something like this??? Don’t SPEAK to me again.”

— WV Jim

Aftermath: It took me 11 more years, but I finally asked her for a divorce. Oddly enough, we now get along better than we ever have.

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“Cue the Twilight Zone theme…”


Met a guy online. He flew across 5 states to sit in a hotel lobby and watch me at a work conference I was at. I had no idea he was there until a mutual friend told me a week afterward.

— Just A Girl

Aftermath: It ended horribly. A lot of drawn out drama over a relationship that was realistically failed from the start.

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“He owed it to her”


He called to tell me that I was the most amazing woman he has ever met, that he is in love with me, but that he owed it to his wife to see if their marriage could be salvaged. Not because he is in love with her but because he would “feel bad” leaving her.

— Star

Aftermath: I was devastated but feel worse for his wife.

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“Couldn’t be bothered….”


I sent him a text in the early a.m. on Valentine’s day… I poured my heart out to him and didn’t get a response…I texted again to see if he got it and his response was “Yeah, I already know this, why are you telling me again?…”

— Karen

Aftermath: He never did say Happy Valentine’s Day.

This post was submitted by Karen.

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