I knew it was over when he walked in to the bedroom after a shower and simply stated “My balls are clean now, want to lick them?”


Aftermath: It went on for awhile after that with no surprises, even finding boogers wiped on the back of the couch upon moving out.

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“Close to His Heart”

best of sex

We were dating for about a year when he said he wanted to go to his home country for the holidays “to be with the people close to his heart.” After coming back, he proudly declared he got baptized and couldn’t have premarital sex anymore. One of the major reasons I was with him was sex.


Aftermath: Two weeks later he saw me by a plush restaurant with a tall handsome guy, helping me out of his Porche. My ex called me about 15 times, but I never answered.

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“Funeral Flowers”


He brought me carnations on our date.


Aftermath: There wasn’t one…we didn’t go out again.

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best of sex

When he told me his only sex partner was the stepsister he had been raised with. I figured he was over her, but he never slept in the same bed with me, even after the marriage.


Aftermath: After I left he stalked me for 6 months and then moved in with his sister.

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“Mutual Heartbreak”


We spent the summer in love and avoided the inevitable. The day before he left, we cried for two hours straight. We didn’t kiss or touch, except to hold hands, and even that felt empty. He got in his car and I stood by the door, reality slowly sinking in. This was it. He was leaving, and he wasn’t coming back. “Goodbye,” he choked out, backing up his car. He turned to look at me one last time. I’ve never felt so much pain from one glance.


Aftermath: We agreed on no contact. It’s been incredibly difficult. We’ve talked every single day for almost two years; now there’s nothing. I lean on my friends and family, let myself cry when I need to. I put his pictures, gifts, and everything else away. I’m not okay, but I’m alive.

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