I only knew the guy for a week and half, when finally he asked if he could come to my place to see me. We were sitting on the couch watching TV (with family upstairs) when he all of the sudden pulled his “junk” out of his pants. In shock, I asked what the hell he was doing? His response: “Well, don’t you want to suck on it?”


Aftermath: I kicked him out of my house immediately. He would call and text everyday after that, not even knowing he did anything wrong. I haven’t spoken to him since.

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“Ass Tufts”

best of chemistry

He liked naked time and got mirrored closet doors. I saw him bend over repeatedly while changing the sheets on the bed. OMFG is he hairy!


Aftermath: I gotta get away from here!

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It was over when I found out that she was bipolar, had somehow kept this from me for almost 2 years, and had decided she didn’t need medication.


Aftermath: Three days.

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“Serial Killer”

best of weird

I dated this gal for a month and she told me she would swim to the bottom of the ocean for me. I replied with “But your head would explode.” She said that was fine, if it were for me. Then I asked her if she would still love me if I was a serial killer. She said yes!

Max Armbar

Aftermath: Needless to say, I did not kill multiple people to see if she was telling the truth. I just got the heck out of Dodge.

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My grandmother had learned that she had lung cancer. My boyfriend at the time was upset because he booked us a cruise months before, but I had to cancel because I wanted to be with my dying grandmother. He was all mad at me, and I broke up with him because he was being selfish.


Aftermath: It was over before my grandmother passed away weeks later. He was very selfish, and was only looking for a booty call. He never supported me throughout the pain of sorrow.

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