“Last to Know”


My daughter was checking her mother’s voice mail messages on her cell phone. To our surprise there were numerous messages from my now ex’s boyfriend. I really was the last to know.

— Gary

Aftermath: I discovered she had been telling all her friends for quite some time that we were getting a divorce.

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“Control Top or Thigh High?”


He revealed that he liked to masturbate while wearing women’s nylons.

— Laci

Aftermath: I stopped taking his calls.

This post was submitted by Laci.

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“Man on Man”


My best guy friend and my fiance were hanging out. My fiance looked over to my friend and asked, “What do you think about man on man sex?” He was propositioning him.

— Mackenzie

Aftermath: I asked my fiance if he was gay and sure enough. Good to know before I walked down the aisle with him.

This post was submitted by Mackenzie.

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“Outdoor Plumbing”


I found that my fiance had taken a large plastic funnel, put a urinal cake in it, put a hose on it, nailed the entire contraption to a corner in his ATTACHED garage and ran the hose through a hole in the wall. Too lazy to walk 15 steps to the bathroom.

— I’mOut

Aftermath: I broke off the engagement and have never spoken to him again.

This post was submitted by I'mOut.

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“Mental Difficulties”


He joined the Army and quit basic training because of “mental difficulties.”

— GtacieT

Aftermath: I wasn’t there when he came home.

This post was submitted by GtacieT.

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