“Pillow Talk”

best of weird

We went to a fancy hotel. I slept with my pillow over my head because he snores, and in the morning he accused me of using the pillow so I could talk on the phone to other men while he was sleeping. He said he verified this with the front desk. I knew he was bluffing because I didn’t use the phone at all.


Aftermath: I checked out by myself that morning and never spoke to him again.

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“Run a G”

best of weird

He asked to run a g on me with his four roommates.

—No G for Me!

Aftermath: I said no, but said they could watch us. He said he “wasn’t into having people watch him have sex.”…But your into running a train on your girl? At the same time?

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“Too Soon?”


He scolded me for not answering his call, not taking a walk at 11:00 at night, not doing his laundry or cooking dinner for him, and not letting him come over and “wear me out.” I had only known his name for 1.5 days.


Aftermath: I told him “this whole talking thing ain’t working for me.” He never called again.

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“Mountain Mama”

best of weird

It was a long-distance relationship. One summer he took me on a trip to West Virginia. We stayed in a huge cabin that he’d been to before, hiked trails he’d hiked before, and had a lot of impersonal sex. He barely talked to me the whole trip. I realized that he was trying to relive a relationship with his ex-girlfriend, who had left him over a year ago.


Aftermath: When I finally got home, I called him to dump him.

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It was over when my ex-girlfriend stayed over with us and he informed her that he was breaking up with me.


Aftermath: He gave me attitude when he had to please me back in the bedroom that night and the next day I told him, “good f*in bye!” He slept with my best guy friend the day after we broke up.

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