“Mama’s boy”

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I met his family on our first date. His mother talked about how our kids would have big butts because of me. He told me he didn’t like my piercings and he wanted me to take them out. He also said he didn’t want kids yet.


Aftermath: We went on one more date, for his birthday, and hung out with his family again. He dumped me the day after by saying he was moving. He is now engaged to a girl I went to high school with who has a kid.

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I realized I didn’t want to spend my life with her when we found out she was pregnant. After the miscarriage, I let things simmer a few months before breaking it off.


Aftermath: Two years later, still no babies.

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“Keep an open mind”

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For me, it was over when she said, “I’ll never do anal sex.”


Aftermath: I met someone else who was more sexually receptive.

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I knew it was over when, after a month, we were on our way to watch a meteor shower, and she hid from her ex-bf’s friend because she didn’t want him to see us together.


Aftermath: I knew at that moment that I was a secret indulgence since we usually went out to places where she wouldn’t run into other people. It wasn’t surprising when the next day I got an email from her saying she didn’t want to be together.

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“MCAT: 45, Emotional Intelligence: 0.”


We dated for two years, and then he told me he didn’t love me “as much” anymore. Instead of cutting my losses there, I decided the smart decision was to have my soul crushed more in a “booty call” 3rd year. Finally, after I had done 3 years of his homework, he decided that he “didn’t care about me at all anymore” and dumped me.


Aftermath: We haven’t talked for a month, but greet each other awkwardly in run-ins on the street and at the library.

I still haven’t moved on, but I think he’s dating someone new already. I hope she’s smart enough to do his homework too…

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