“Watch the dress, Buddy”

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He tried to give me a golden shower in a parking lot after my uncle’s wedding, while I was still in a pretty dress.


Aftermath: I left him in Michigan to find his own way home, back to Indiana. The day after, it was over.




She didn’t want to get cleaned up after we hooked up.


Aftermath: I lied the next morning and said, “I’ll give you a call.” Then went to the Laundromat for my sheets.


“Birth Control Brat”


We dated a few weeks when he told me that he refuses to wear a condom, and that the ring (which I had) was the wrong kind of birth control because he’d be able to feel it during sex.


Aftermath: He stopped returning my calls. We still bump into each other and it’s awkward.

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“Big Baby”

best of sex

I wouldn’t do a certain position cuz I was pregnant. He threw a huge tantrum like he was 5 years old.


Aftermath: Broke up with him the next day. Can’t deal with a baby when I’m about to have a baby.



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After we’d been married for about 4 years, whenever I initiated sex, she would say, can’t we just hug or cuddle? I think I realized then it would not last.


Aftermath: Divorced at the 10 year point. I still think she thought there was nothing wrong with what she was doing!

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