“Every Three Seconds”

best of sex

He initiated every time we had sex, and each time he would switch positions every 3 seconds, making for a terrible experience… I really knew it was over when I woke up to him masturbating next to me… I just wanted to shower.


Aftermath: About 3 weeks later, after some of the most boring sex of my life, I broke it off. We are still friendly, but I just couldn’t get past that.

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best of sex

Half way through sex, my boyfriend looked at the clock and said, “Oh crap its 4:25 my crops are going to wither!” and proceeded to go to the computer to harvest his crop on Farmville, an online game.


Aftermath: I left and never went back.

This post was submitted by Sandra.

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It was over when he told me he had no libido anymore, but he didn’t want to go to a doctor to get it checked out.


Aftermath: After six sexless months of hell, he went to the doctor, and didn’t follow what he suggested. I moved out a week later.

This post was submitted by Lola.

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“Mother Lover”

best of sex

He said he has never had better sex than the sex he has with my mother in his mind. We were both grown adults…


Aftermath: We drifted apart, but I actually attended his wedding a few years later.

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“Mad Sex Daily”

best of sex

We were fast & furious lovers, mad sex daily, road tripping & partying every night for 3 months. I moved to take a new job. I asked her to move with me, she said “It’s possible, let me visit”. She visited for 3 days, I bought her an early birthday gift, a vibrator. She returned it.


Aftermath: She returned home & decided there was too much passion & sex in our relationship and we should cool it. I never heard from her again…

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