“In and Out”

best of sex

I lost my “virginity” to a guy who performed the entire act to completion, never realizing he has never actually “in.”

— Dawn

Aftermath: I broke up with him the next day and he drove to my house and handed me a very angry letter which stated that girls who break up with a guy after what we did get a VERY bad reputation. He ended up with the bad reputation. Amateur!

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“Three’s a crowd”


My ex always wanted a threesome. Eventually we found someone that was into both of us. A few months later they started spending all their time together and I was left out. He broke up with me for her and said we were going to get evicted cause he will not pay rent.

— Alex

Aftermath: I talked to the landlord. He is going to be evicted not me.

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“WINNER! Frisky”

best of sex

My wife came home from working at a truck stop as a waitress. We talked about her day and then I started kissing her and getting frisky. She was all excited so, as she stood in front of, me I undid her pants and started to pull them off. I got her pants to her knees when something wet landed on my hand, I looked down and to my horror I saw a used rubber.


Aftermath: I got up, packed her stuff and threw her out and 3 months later I was divorced.

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“Saw This One Coming”

sex weird

Met cute boy. Had sex with cute boy. A lot of sex. For a full year, had sex with said boy. Didn’t have much of anything outside of the bed play and dirty texts. I knew it was over when he left his current girlfriend of three years for his best (girl) friend from high school…although she left her husband because she has mental problems.


Aftermath: Turns out she really is psychotic and keeps a tight leash on him. They now have a baby girl. Isn’t that sweet?

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“Tom Thumb”

best of sex

Two words: Thumb dick.


Aftermath: Need I say more?

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