“Sneak Preview”


I had resisted the urge to get intimate with him for months, wanting it to be meaningful. We got drunk one night and he mooned a friend, then turned around and I caught a glimpse of his “junk.” Sigh.

— choogachooga

Aftermath: Nuff said.

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“Cricket, Cricket”

best of sex

My boyfriend and I were in the car when he asked if I wanted to try “Pegging.” My answer of silence was deafening.

— Victoria

Aftermath: You can never really enjoy sex with someone the same after you know they’d rather be the woman.

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“Going Down, And Out”

best of sex

After going down on my girlfriend and giving her an amazing orgasm, she proudly said she wasn’t going to return the favor because “I’ve gone down on lots of guys and never gotten anything in return. This is payback.”

— Derrick

Aftermath: Quit trying with her.

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“Closet bet”

best of sex

I should have known it was over when I brought my boyfriend to my senior prom and was forced into a bet with my friends. The bet was that he’d be out of the closet within two years.

— Anna

Aftermath: Luckily my friends are nice and didn’t really want the money. But on the inside I lost more than $50.

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“Extenze This”

best of sex

We were watching T.V. and one of those Extenze commercials came on. She turned to me and said “Maybe you should get that.”

— Steve

Aftermath: That stuff doesn’t work…

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