“Final Straw”

best of sex

I was off and on with a guy who had a massive drinking problem. One night he got drunk and tried to kill me, saying that he wanted me to hate him. I stayed because I thought I could help him, but things never got better. The final straw was when he called me one day asking me if I would have sex with him in front of some creepy old man for money. I told him never to contact me again!


Aftermath: After almost 2 years of being off and on, that phone call made something click and after his million sorrys I just didn’t care anymore. My stress level has decreased and I’m much happier now.

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“WINNER! Hush”

best of sex

While in bed, I complimented one of his (only successful) sexual moves. He told me I was “ruining his concentration.” He shushed me during sex!


Aftermath: It was over before he was finished!

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“Right Before”

best of secrets! sex

She told me she had herpes right before we were going to make love… STDs for me, thank you.


Aftermath: She kicked my junk and left.

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best of sex

He asked me if I wanted to lick on his danglers while another guy rammed him in his backside (NOT the words he used!).


Aftermath: HIV test.

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“Woods Sex”

best of sex

We were hanging out by my firepit with one of his female friends and it was time to go. His friend said she would go wait in the car so we could say goodbye. Then my boyfriend said (in front of her) that we should go into the woods and do it. I was in shock considering she was right there and it was my parents house. Then he had the balls to say, “No? I guess that part of our relationship is over.” Like I would’ve done that before? Keep thinking!


Aftermath: He got busted that night for driving buzzed with booze in the car. Things weren’t the same after that and we broke it off a few months later.

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