“She said I was crazy”


I read something about a woman setting her husband up with a comfortable life so she wouldn’t feel guilty about leaving him. I saw an unsettling connection between my wife’s excitement about my recent promotion, so I asked “Are you happy for me because you want a divorce?” She said I was crazy. But, she left me a week later, after months of planning. I knew it was over when she was happy for me.



“Forbidden Romance”


My job prohibited employees from dating managers but we often would go out as a group. Shortly after my 18th birthday, my manager asked me if I was going to the movie on Friday. When I arrived to meet up with everyone, I discovered that nobody else knew about it. He told me he wanted to see me but we couldn’t let anyone know or we could lose our jobs. We secretly dated for about 8 months until I found out that he had just begun secretly dating another co-worker too.


Aftermath: At that point I was done with him, but I warned her about him because I had known her for years and felt that she was even more naive than I was.

This post was submitted by Capri.


“Fantasy to Reality”


During sex, she got really hot telling me fantasy stories about me having sex with a hot girl lifeguard after everyone had left the pool. She started working out 2 nights a week with friends. Shortly thereafter I found out that the “workout friends” was a gym teacher. At his school. At the pool. After everyone else had left.


Aftermath: She vehemently denied any wrongdoing; said that it was a coincidence, even after I received a cell phone video of proof. I filed for divorce.

This post was submitted by SwimFan.


“Baby Mama”


We were dating for about two months, and then he decided to tell me his ex-girlfriend was pregnant and it “might” be his child…one week before it was due.


Aftermath: He left to go get a paternity test and be there for the birth. I haven’t talked to him since he left.

This post was submitted by Lindsey.


“Minor Leaguer”


I had been dating this college football coach for a few months and decided to fly across the country and visit for his birthday. We always had fun together, but this trip he spent all weekend blowing me off for various obligations, and I knew something was up. Later I got this crazy demanding message asking where dinner was and when I was coming home. I told him that instead of spending my time with him I’d rather visit a friend (who lived 200 miles away).


Aftermath: He’d been cheating on me with his ex, but apologized and said he wanted to marry me; wanted me to be the mother of his children. I drove to his best friend’s house and f*cked him. *It should also be noted that coincidentally he was fired on his birthday. Karma’s a b*tch.

This post was submitted by Kiera.