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We had a breakdown at work which could not be repaired that day, so I shut down everything and gave the whole crew an early start to the weekend. I grabbed a pizza and a movie on the way home as a nice little surprise for my wife and kids. Oh, I surprised her alright. And the guy she was with.


Aftermath: I foolishly stayed “for the kids.” Yes, it’s a nightmare, but I’ll be damned if I let my daughters grow up to be like her. I’ll leave when they are old enough. Just 3 more long years…



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He left his Hotmail account open. Naturally, I took it upon myself to check it out. I read an email that simply stated, “Yo bro, Let me know next time you need your hot c**k drained.” I have nothing against homosexuality, unless the man I’m dating is trying to hide it from me. And I’m a lady.


Attempted: He attempted to come up with an alibi. We are now broken up and I’m convinced he’s getting anonymous BJs from Craigslist.


“Bar crawl”

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I met her at a bar. I should have known better. We hit it off and started casually dating. I found out she went to the bar every other day. I’m not the bar type of guy. When I did go out, I found out her past. She slept with everyone there.


Aftermath: She needed a place to stay when she lost her job. Took me 2 months to get rid of her. Got fed up and kicked her out. Never date anybody you meet at a bar.

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“Divorce papers”

best of secrets!

I knew it was over when his wife called me to find out where she could send the divorce papers.


Aftermath: She and I are friends. Who knows where he is now?


“Watch me spin”

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I saw a message from a girl on my boyfriend’s MySpace page in which she said mean things about me and called him “better than me.” His response to the message was, “Thanx, come watch me spin at the club.”


Aftermath: It ended many times after that,  off-and-on ’cause he kept weaseling his way back into my life.

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