“Should’ve Registered”

best of secrets!

I could not reach my husband by cell phone one day (unusual) and found out he had been arrested. His mom had bailed him out and they told me why, as she was crying and holding our 6-month-old twins. He had failed to mention to me when we married that he was a sex offender and was arrested that day for failing to register our new address.


Aftermath: Lasted another 2 years. I was pissed, but we were married. He cheated, we divorced, and they had an attorney that helped him get custody of our twin girls! I had no attorney–my ex took everything!



best of secrets!

I was in my girlfriend’s neighborhood so I decided to pop in (we had been together for 9 months). She lived with her parents at the time. I was greeted at the door by her mother who hurried me downstairs and had me sit on a couch in the, seldom used, lower-level. After a while, I walked upstairs to see my girlfriend kissing another guy in the family room. Her mom tried to help her by diverting me. Shady. Upset that I had recently gave her expensive jewelry, I left without a word.


Aftermath: Deep down, I knew she was a slut. I smashed it the first night that I met her. The family had/has issues. Her parents broke up, Mom turned lesbian, and I see the ex (10 yrs later) still whoring.

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“Ground floor”

best of secrets!

He informed me that he would “be a millionaire someday” and I should “get in on the ground floor.” I laughed. He wasn’t joking.


Aftermath: We never went out again and he was subsequently convicted of felony theft and related charges.

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“Sorry Buddy”

best of secrets!

I think it is gonna be over since I found this website written on a piece of paper.


Aftermath: Still waiting.



best of secrets!

He hid his DUI from me for months. Later, he almost threw me out of his house after I asked what I was to him after we’d been “dating” for 4 months.


Aftermath: I slept with him off and on, and after two years of wanting him to fall in love with me, finally realized I need to let go. It’s amazing how great sex can cloud judgment.

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