“3 a.m. Call”

best of secrets!

It was over when his wife called me at 3 a.m. — that was a surprise!!


Aftermath: I found a great man who is not married and loves me.

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“WINNER! SportsCenter Cover”

best of secrets!

After turning me down for a night of intimacy (yet again!), he said he wanted to stay up and watch SportsCenter on ESPN. I went to bed, but had a hard time sleeping because of the volume. I went to ask him to turn it down, but he was not in the living room. I found him in the office, jerking off to porn.


Aftermath: Turns out he has an addiction to porn—not so much interested in the real thing. This was handy to find out after being married to him. This, among, many other things led to our divorce.

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best of secrets!

After dating for nine months, he randomly started ignoring me, and finally decided to make it official with a phone call — well, sort of. “You may have figured out I’m with your friend now…don’t throw darts at her picture.” No, I reserved all my darts for your picture, thanks.


Aftermath: A year later, we were friends again. The girl, on the other hand, tried to date all my boyfriends until she moved to a different state!

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“Five Pesos”

best of secrets!

I woke up one morning with a text message in Spanish that I couldn’t read, so I took it to the cafe next to my apartment to have somebody translate for me. The message said, “Ricardo left and he’s never going to return.” Then I didn’t hear from him again…


Aftermath: After a few weeks of emails from him telling me not to worry, that he would explain everything to me when he got back, I recieved a phone call from him telling me he had a girlfriend and he never wanted to talk to me again. I was devastated. He spent his last 5 pesos breaking up with me!

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“Facebook Love”

best of secrets!

I found a picture of him on Facebook, blackout drunk, dancing with and kissing a slut at a concert. We were both devastated. He swore he didn’t know her and didn’t remember anything. He begged forgiveness, sent flowers, wrote poems, recorded a song, professed his love for the first time, and drew me Venn diagrams stating he wanted to spend the rest of his life with me. I took him back. Four months later he broke up with me, saying he couldn’t reciprocate the same depth of love I had for him. He had a new girlfriend about 2 months later.


Aftermath: He was guilty for about a month and kept trying to contact me ‘til I told him to leave me alone. Now he’s sleeping with his new pop-tart who lives 3 blocks away from me.

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