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In high school, I had the biggest crush on this guy. He was so cute! Fast forward two years after high school and I saw him at the club. To make a long story short, we hooked up that night–only to find out he wasn’t packing at all down there! I faked everything.


Aftermath: I tried to be nice afterward but I couldn’t, so I stopped talking to him.

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“Mustang Misses”

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I was showing off my brand new Mustang, she asked for the keys. I could hear the engine rev down the street and then stop. The dog and I took a walk, and found the car—my girlfriend was on the hood with her neighbor’s hand very far up her skirt.


Aftermath: I drove home five hours devastated. We got back together a month later; she did it again. That was the final end.


“Funny Story”


On my birthday I received a text. He said, “So I have a funny story to tell you.” Who knew that a funny story involved him sleeping with my best friend who was a “lesbian”?

—Birthday girl

Aftermath: Consequently the relationship was over. In the year, my ex received some decent karma when his girlfriend cheated on him and left him for the same girl that he left me for.