“Long Distance Love…Not”


He started chatting online with two women who lived in Africa. He broke up with me. He later confessed that they were hoaxes and these woman were trying to get him to send them money.

— M

Aftermath: We stayed friends for a while but eventually stopped talking. He would chat with other girls while we were hanging out, on his cell phone.

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“Who’s Calling?”


His girlfriend called our house and started crying on the phone to me because she couldn’t find him.

— Andrea

Aftermath: I left him and took our son and moved to another state.

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“Shopping trip”

best of secrets!

I went grocery shopping and ran into my boyfriend, his wife and child.

— Letty

Aftermath: For the child’s sake I didn’t make a scene, I walked away.  Hour later he calls me and tells me they’re separating, I hung up on him and never heard from him again.

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“Crying during sex”


My girlfriend and I were having sex and she started to cry. The first thing I thought was that she’d cheated on me. One month later I found out she’s sleeping with two different guys.

— Joshua

Aftermath: The day after I left her I ran into her and she was holding hands with some other guy.

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“My wife’s fiance”

best of secrets!

My wife’s “fiance” called one night when the wife wasn’t home and I answered the phone.

— Tom

Aftermath: We separated that night and got divorced a couple months later. They married a month or so after that and now have a kid.

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