““Free oil change””

secrets! sex

Lots of sex. The sex tapered off (not my choice) and the computer porn came. Some nudie pics looked homemade. I looked for them on his phone and found not only those pics, but videos of the girl in a setting that appeared to be his job. He said he had meant to delete them but had forgotten. Hard to believe since they were labled “free oil change”.


Aftermath: It took me 2 and a half years to get rid of his lying, cheating, stealing, abusive ass. He went to prison. I am now in love and engaged to an amazing man. The child I had with “assdad” has no idea who he is, and the $2 he sends for her every month reminds me how lucky I am to have gotten out of that alive.

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secrets! weird

I caught him jacking off to pictures of his ex-wife. They had been divorced for over 6 years and she’s remarried.


Aftermath: He wouldn’t get rid of them so I left.

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“Ended with the “end” button”


I had heard that my guy been talking to his ex-girlfriend behind my back. When she called and started harassing me, I saved her number.  After 6 months with my guy, I found out I was pregnant. I called and got his voicemail, and asked him to call me back ASAP. He did – from the other girl’s phone.


Aftermath: The relationship ended with the “end” button and my daughter has never met her father.


“Incriminating Chat”


When I came home from work he was out drinking with his friend. I went to jump on the computer and found a chat that he’d forgotten to close. Lucky for me. I got to read about all the things he wanted to do with and to this other girl. He actually tried to say it wasn’t his chat.


Aftermath: We broke up about 2 months later.


“Pajama party”


It was over when she appeared in her pajamas at a hotel my friend worked at to see her ex-boyfriend.


Aftermath: It lasted about two weeks before she finally admitted it. I never spoke to her again.