“Dangerous allegations”

secrets! sex

After a year together, she went to hang out with another guy that was a “friend” and later told me he raped her. I caught on to some inconsistencies in her story and she finally admitted that she had cheated with him…more than once. So glad I found out before I did something I would have regretted.


Aftermath: It was over but she did stalk me after that and try to make me jealous by sleeping with anyone and everyone.

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“One of these things is not like the other”

best of secrets!

I am Irish. Red hair. Pale Skin. She is Irish. Red hair. Pale skin. We were together for 3 years when our first child was due to be born. When she went into labor I called all of our friends and family to let them know. They all swarmed to the hospital to see the birth of our son with very dark skin, and short, black, kinky hair.


Aftermath: My lawyer had the divorce paperwork going before her and the baby left the hospital. I don’t know or care what happened to her.

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“Live-in lie”


My girlfriend moved in with me and said she wasn’t going to tell her parents because they wouldn’t approve. We had dinner with her parents all the time and that seemed like a hard lie to get around.


Aftermath: We tried getting back together not too long ago but the spark was gone.

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“Somethin’s Gotta Give”


I knew it was over when I called his wife after a 6 yr relationship.

—Mrs. Smith

Aftermath: We’ve been talking again for the past two years. It was 5 yrs before I heard from him. Strictly friends.

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“Still Married”

secrets! sex

She always bitched and complained about “the father of her child” so I assumed she was never married or was recently divorced. After 6 months of casual dating I found out that she was separated, not divorced or an unwed mother as I had thought. She told me “we need to talk about this” when I asked her if she was married. That conversation never happened.


Aftermath: Her husband found who I was and tried to run me down in a supermarket parking lot. I shared this with several friends and family members in case anything ever happens to me.

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