“Catching the Pitcher”

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He was my best friend in high school. We dated for six months, and we were planning to have sex on our six month anniversary (my sixteenth birthday) – both of our first times. A week before our six months, I climbed in his window (he lived two houses down and his room was on the ground level – it was our usual way of seeing each other). I found him in bed with his pitching buddy…I walked out the front door and waited for him to finish.

—Pink Cheeks

Aftermath: He came out thinking I was going to chop his favorite bits off. I told him he was my best friend, and who he was is who he is, and I wanted him to be himself. It’s been five years, and I still find him in bed with men all the time. He really needs to learn how to lock the door.

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“3 x’s busted”

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We were lovers for seven years. He went away for three years (wink,wink) and was home 100 plus days before he “went away” again. Shortly after that, I found out from his dad that he got married while he was home. His wife called me a week after I heard the news.


Aftermath: Me and the “Misses” talked for hours. The rabbit hole went so deep…he had three other women he had been “communicating” with, besides me, and “raw dog” (dumb on my part)!…Don’t know about her, but I am out.

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“Sayonara cheater”


He said he was divorced. After several times of him coming to my house and realizing he never invited me to his, I questioned him about the ex. He swears they live apart. I checked the local Court database to see if he’d ever filed for divorce. Nope. He hadn’t. Sayonara cheater.

—Stupid Girl

Aftermath: He still blows up my phone insisting they are separated and living apart. One lie–that big–is automatic strike 3. Sorry, not pitchin’ anymore.

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“Because my mom wouldn’t like it”


In high school, my “friend with benefits” emailed to say that we needed to go back to being just friends because his mom didn’t want him seeing anyone. I respected that answer and we went back to being normal friends. Two days later he’s dating someone else, a privilege he wouldn’t give me.

—Mommy Issues

Aftermath: Good friend, baaaad boyfriend material.

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“Used and Abused”

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I helped her get through being raped by one of her family members. As soon as everything began to go back to normal, she said she didn’t have a “passionate love for me.”

—The Coach

Aftermath: She was a drama queen. I bet none of it even happened. Pretty sure there was another guy the entire time.

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