“Made-up family”

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At a cook out, he shared with his boss that I was pregnant with twins and used that opportunity to ask for an increase in pay. I was not pregnant, did not look pregnant and we had only been dating for a month at that time.

—Ma Chell

Aftermath: It ended that night. I saw his boss about a year later and he asked about our kids, as he got regular updates from my ex on how they were doing. I told the truth to the boss and the ex lost his job.

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“Thought You Should Know…”

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I was seeing this girl for a few months. We had unprotected sex multiple times. One night, she was drunk/crying and said she had something to tell me. We went back to my place where she told me, “We can’t have sex tonight.” I asked why. She told me she had genital herpes and was having an outbreak but not to worry, because it “goes away” in a few days.


Aftermath: Her herpes never “went away” and she is currently back together with the guy she got herpes from. I have been tested six times since and still am not convinced I don’t have it regardless of what my results tell me.

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best of secrets!

We had a breakdown at work which could not be repaired that day, so I shut down everything and gave the whole crew an early start to the weekend. I grabbed a pizza and a movie on the way home as a nice little surprise for my wife and kids. Oh, I surprised her alright. And the guy she was with.


Aftermath: I foolishly stayed “for the kids.” Yes, it’s a nightmare, but I’ll be damned if I let my daughters grow up to be like her. I’ll leave when they are old enough. Just 3 more long years…



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He left his Hotmail account open. Naturally, I took it upon myself to check it out. I read an email that simply stated, “Yo bro, Let me know next time you need your hot c**k drained.” I have nothing against homosexuality, unless the man I’m dating is trying to hide it from me. And I’m a lady.


Attempted: He attempted to come up with an alibi. We are now broken up and I’m convinced he’s getting anonymous BJs from Craigslist.


“Bar crawl”

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I met her at a bar. I should have known better. We hit it off and started casually dating. I found out she went to the bar every other day. I’m not the bar type of guy. When I did go out, I found out her past. She slept with everyone there.


Aftermath: She needed a place to stay when she lost her job. Took me 2 months to get rid of her. Got fed up and kicked her out. Never date anybody you meet at a bar.

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