“Cliff Daddy”

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He wanted me to call him Cliff Daddy in bed. He even had it tattooed on him.


Aftermath: Couldn’t stop laughing, broke up afterward.

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“Big Spender”


I knew it was over when my ex-boyfriend spent more than $1000 on computer equipment just to play World of Warcraft.


Aftermath: If it weren’t for that horrific ordeal, I would have never met my future husband and found true happiness.

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“Mormon or Moron?”

quirks sex

He gave me a full-body massage, me naked, him naked. I gave him massage; I jumped onto his back, naked. He told me he didn’t want to lose his temple recommend. WTF?

—Is it just me?

Aftermath: I told him that we should just be friends – just not the kind that ever talk or see each other.

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“Puppydog man/boy”


Some of my friends were throwing a party in a nearby city, so I asked him to come with me. He spent the entire weekend at my heel, to the point of waiting outside the bathroom door when I was using the facilities. By the end of day 2, I was jumping at any chance to leave. Every time I came back, he was sitting right by the door, waiting.


Aftermath: Because I was oh-so-mature at 19, I stopped answering his calls as soon as we got back to town. A couple months later, I moved across town and threatened my friends under pain of death not to give him my new address.

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“World of Warcraft”

quirks sex

After many months of unsatisyfying, infrequent sex because he had almost zero sex drive, I found him masturbating while having cyber sex with another character on World of Warcraft. This was after almost 3 months of no sex because he “wasn’t interested”.


Aftermath: Meet another man who’s now my husband that doesn’t trade real women for pixellated ones (that are probably played by men anyway).

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