“Behind the Veil”


He was a recent convert to Islam and I was raised Catholic. We were walking down the street one night when he draped my scarf over my head and around my face. “Look how beautiful you look,” he said at my reflection in a cafe window. “But, you can only see my eyes,” I said. “That’s why it’s beautiful,” he answered.


Aftermath: We broke up a short time later. We’re great friends today, but I don’t know how many of his girlfriends are behind the veil.

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“Short Shorts”


We had been dating a couple months and the weather started getting warmer. He broke out his summer clothes and his shorts were a bit too tight and too short. I realized I may be able to change that, so continued dating him. Then one night he came over and could not figure out how to turn the DVD player on…after 15 minutes. Needless to say we didn’t watch a movie that night.

— Emmy

Aftermath: I broke it off with him and his short shorts.

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manners quirks

While talking on Skype he went to the bathroom and when he came back he forgot he was talking to me and started playing WOW and ignoring me when I tried to get his attention.

— K

Aftermath: We are still together, but that’s only because I can’t find the right way to end it.

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“Poster Child”


I saw his bedroom for the first time – the walls were COVERED in music posters, “cool” clippings from magazines, old concert tickets, and random show flyers. Did I mention he was 28?

— Rae

Aftermath: We actually dated off and on for about a year before I finally broke it off for good. I always felt like I was 13 in that bedroom – and not in a good way.

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“Beat the Ticket”


First (and last) date was over lunch. She bragged about the time she lied to a cop who pulled her over when she was speeding. She told him that she was racing to get home because a neighbor called and told her that her house was being burglarized. The cop followed her home where she took him on a wild goose chase around her yard before he determined she was safe. She was thrilled with the way she escaped a ticket. I knew that I didn’t want to date a liar and finished lunch ASAP.

— One lunch only

Aftermath: At the end of the meal, she suggested we get together again and I said my schedule is pretty full. It still is, if it’s her.

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