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I work at a very nice theatre that people come from all over the state to visit. He came to a performance one night wearing his traditional Scottish garb, kilt and all. It wasn’t until later that it occurred to me that he wasn’t wearing anything underneath. That embarrassed and grossed me out too much to continue seeing him.


Aftermath: He was a nice guy, but I couldn’t look at him the same after that. I’m not a prude, am I?

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“Pill Popper”


He picked up and swallowed the pill he dropped from the pub floor as he was so desperate to have it, even though everyone else on the night out was only drinking.


Aftermath: A couple weeks later he said, “Let’s go on holiday.” I said, “Let’s break up”.

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“My first fiancé”


I knew my first fiancé wasn’t for me when, a week after my grandfather died, he asked me, “Are you not over it yet?”


Aftermath: Sadly, I didn’t take the hint. I later discovered he slept with the holiday rep on a holiday I paid for. He was promptly dumped and then had the balls to stalk me for 18 months!


“Pillow mint”


He started pulling a pillow between us whenever we slept. He said he didn’t want me to get offended by his breath. Oh come on.


Aftermath: It ended after a month.

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She was text messaging me non-stop three days after I met her, then on the first date said, “I’m think I’m falling…”


Aftermath: After the conclusion of the six-hour date, I told her there would be no second date via message.

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