She said, “Sometimes when I speak English too much, I get a headache.” I know one language…English.


Aftermath: First and final date.


“Bum Money”


He was living rent-free with his mother and was always broke. I chalked it up to his bad employment luck and confusion over what to do with his life. I should have known when he’d work a 4-hour shift and complain for an hour, then snap at me if I tried to commiserate over my 8-hour shift. It wasn’t until he came into a few thousand bucks and had to bum money for bus fare 3 months later. He then complained about spending money on my birthday.


Aftermath: I got sick of carting his a** around, and 6 months later, he started getting violent. I married a wonderful man he introduced me to.

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“Unwelcome Twin”


It was over when she told me that she was jealous of the relationship I had with my identical twin and that my twin was no longer welcome in our home.


Aftermath: I walked out with my twin and said, “Well, my relationship is ending tonight.” About two hours later, it was over, though her drama dragged on for 4 more months!

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best of quirks

He would get up every morning at 7am at my parents’ house and smoke weed with my stepmom. Sorry kid, already had enough low-lifes in the family that I had to deal with, I didn’t need to add another.


Aftermath: We dated for 6 months, and now I find him absolutely repulsive. Haven’t seen or talked to him in a good 1.5 years. It’s been really nice.

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quirks secrets! sex

In high school, I had the biggest crush on this guy. He was so cute! Fast forward two years after high school and I saw him at the club. To make a long story short, we hooked up that night–only to find out he wasn’t packing at all down there! I faked everything.


Aftermath: I tried to be nice afterward but I couldn’t, so I stopped talking to him.

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