“A Torn Frank Zappa”

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He punched a hole through my bathroom wall and tore up my “Frank Zappa on the toilet” poster.


Aftermath: I packed up my car and got the fuck out of Greensboro, North Carolina.

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“Toilet Toothbrush”

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He decided to give me some space and, “Some time to think.” He said he was going to spend the night at his friend’s. I knew this was a lie. I found his ex wife’s address, drove up there at 4am, and of course, his car was outside! I drove home, packed his things, and sent him a text telling him to come and get his stuff. He returned an hour later to collect his belongings.


Aftermath: Two weeks later, his wife appeared on my doorstep, asking questions. I only had one to ask: was he still using the same toothbrush? She said, “Yes.” I smiled and she looked puzzled and we parted on friendly terms. Though I’ve not seen his sorry ass since, I bet his breath stinks :-)

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