“Questionable Piercing”

best of manners

I called my boyfriend and heard a noisy background, so I asked where he was. He replied at a piercing place with some friends. As the conversation carried on, I found out he went with a few girlswho I didn’t knowto get his penis pierced.


Aftermath: I told him since he needed a few random girls to hold his penis while it got pierced, he didn’t need me and it was over 2 hours later.

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“Nothing Happened”

best of manners

It was over when she farted at the dinner table and kept on eating like nothing happened.


Aftermath: It ended the next day after I confronted her about the act. She tried to blame it on my dog.


“His Friend”

best of manners

My boyfriend assumed that my wanting to introduce him to my best friend meant “we must set her up on a blind date with his friend.” His friend, however, was 7 years younger than her, had borrowed his dad’s truck for the night & kept touching her knee under the table. And yet, he was irritated and confused by the fact that she was not receptive to this. Then, when we got up to leave after he admitted he was actually engaged, he called us bitches and whores.


Aftermath: When my guy just sat there and laughed throughout the whole thing, I ended it that night.

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“One, Please”

best of manners

My sister set me up on a date. He picked me up, drove us to a movie theater, stepped up to the ticket window and said, “One, please.”


Aftermath:  No second date.  My sister said he was notoriously cheap, and I ended up avoiding him at my sister’s gatherings for a year until he stopped trying to talk to me.


“You’re hot but…”

best of manners

About five months in to the relationship, I asked him why I hadn’t met any of his friends. He said, “Well, I think you’re hot but I think they would say ‘She’s not that attractive’.”


Aftermath: It took me another month or so before I realized I couldn’t forgive him that and broke up with him via instant message.

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