best of manners

I knew it was over when his mom started speaking to him in Russian and he answered back in Russian–leaving me totally out of the loop and standing around like an idiot.


Aftermath: We broke up. No subtitles required.

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My grandmother had learned that she had lung cancer. My boyfriend at the time was upset because he booked us a cruise months before, but I had to cancel because I wanted to be with my dying grandmother. He was all mad at me, and I broke up with him because he was being selfish.


Aftermath: It was over before my grandmother passed away weeks later. He was very selfish, and was only looking for a booty call. He never supported me throughout the pain of sorrow.

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“Boozy Kiss”

best of manners

We only see each other when we’re not sober. We made out for the first time and he kept burping his beer breath into his kisses.


Aftermath: Made him burp the rest out but nothing happened after that.

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“Rotting Garbage”


I came home to a lazy, self-righteous prick who had just taken a huge sh*t and my apartment that smelled like rotting garbage. I didn’t know where the smell was coming from until my roommate told me it was him. He was sitting on his worthless ass watching TV and eating all our food.


Aftermath: I kicked him out, then me and my roommate laughed about him and his rank ass for hours.

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best of manners

I knew it was over when I was in the hospital miscarrying our child and he told me he’d “be there later” after he got done doing whatever in NYC.


Aftermath: Things lasted only long enough for me to grieve and then he was done!

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