“Just a Friend”


It was over when we were out for the first time with my friends. She invited out a “friend” and proceeded to hang off his arm. I ditched her and her friend immediately, with the bar tab.


Aftermath: She tried to contact me two days later to see if she could buy weed off a friend of mine. I let her know she had no class.

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“Dirty downloads”

best of manners

We had been out on a few dates and I wanted him to meet my best friend and her boyfriend. We all decided to meet at a nice restaurant. Everything was going fine until he opened his phone and started showing my best friend all the porn he had downloaded.


Aftermath: It was over two weeks later.

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“Mr. Sensitive”


He made fun of my friend for her hair loss. She was going through chemo at the time.


Aftermath: After another frustrating week, I realized he was a huge jerk.

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Second date, bill came. I offered to split the bill and he told me I should pay since he got the first date. So much for chivalry.


Aftermath: He tried to make-out with me after that. Denied! I ignored the next two weeks of phone calls and texts.

This post was submitted by Sara.


“A Stretch”

best of manners

A month into the relationship, we went to the pool and afterward he asked me why I had stretch marks. I said, I was probably 40 pounds heavier before he knew me. He proceeded with the question, “Did you have a baby? You had a baby, that’s why you have stretch marks.”


Aftermath: I was 17. I was not pregnant, I was just fat. I dumped him a few days later. He broke into my house to watch me sleep and profess that we were meant to be together. I got a restraining order because he started to stalk me.

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