“Schizophrenic? Bi-Polar?”

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It should have been over when he sent me a text informing me that he’d been lying to me for a month about who he was – his name, everything. Being a forgiving person, I chose to look past it for his honesty, only to be dumped 2 days before Valentine’s Day because we’d “grown apart.”


Aftermath: The same night he dumped me, he called me because I hadn’t tried to contact him after, and said he missed me and that he can’t not talk to me. CHECK. MATE.

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“Too Tired”


I was on my way home from his house and hit a deer. When I called to ask him to come get me, he said, “I’m too tired for this right now.”


Aftermath: We dated for a year after that.

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“Loud Mouth Banana Boy”

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It was a blind date. I got in the car and he started berating me for not thanking him for the flowers – which I didn’t receive. He called and yelled at the flower shop for not completing the delivery. At dinner, he yelled at the waitress when she stopped by to take our drink order. I begged off the rest of the date and he took me home. Before parting ways he handed me a gift bag containing banana scented bubble bath and said, “I was thinking we could try it out. Banana is a very sensual scent.”


Aftermath: No bubble bath for him that night. I tossed the stuff out as soon as I got in the door. I never spoke to him again.

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“New girl in school”

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I thought I’d show around the new girl in school. Needless to say she called me a short time later, and we were messing around but I had no condom so she proceeded to give me the best BJ known to man. Afterwards, I made the mistake of telling a friend, who told her, “I hear you suck good.” Great line…


Aftermath: She told me that my friend ruined all chances for me in trying to experience her greatly aquired skills for himself. Afterwards she was passed around the school, and I kinda felt lucky I was first in line. BTW STD FREE :)

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“Crap Chef”

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It was over when he stopped talking to me for a whole night because he cooked a meal with cheese and black pepper in it and I refused to eat it. I’m lactose intolerant and allergic to black pepper, both facts which he knew.


Aftermath: I moved out three months ago and told him I didn’t want to be with him.

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