“She went there”


She told me I loaded the dish washer wrong and was going to have to re-teach me everything my mother had ever taught me.

—So Long STL

Aftermath: Packed up a U-Haul and bounced back to the East Coast.

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I knew it was over when every conversation with him was via text message—never a phone call. He lived about 2 or 3 hours away and that was all I got from him after 2 in-person dates. He said I was perfect, wonderful etc. but the distance was too much for him to handle…and it apparently was too much for him to pick up the phone and speak.


Aftermath: It didn’t last more than a month or so after our first date. I tried to get him to call and he blew up at me via text message…

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“Effortless Valentine’s”


I knew it was over when I gave him a simple gift and card for Valentine’s (our first) and he gave me nothing. He has done nothing to make up for it.


Aftermath: I’m done wasting my time on someone who doesn’t want to make an effort.

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“His and hers…poo?”


It was so over when he started to pick up his own dog’s poo, but leave my dog’s poo where it was.


Aftermath: He’s single, in his late 40’s, and still living with his mother.

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“Vanished like Houdini”


Three months into our relationship, he invited me to a huge rave. The day of he said we had to give a last-minute ride to his ‘ex’…they hung out together the whole evening and I felt like the third wheel on their date.


Aftermath: He did go home with me, but I simply stopped calling him the day after…and he vanished like Houdini.

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