“Biker life”


My ex used to work nights. I worked days. We saw each other long enough to go to fast food to eat. Once he got to work he would text me to argue with me about anything he could pick a fight about. Later on, he’d act like I was the one who started the fights or just totally act like he never texted me.

Biker Chick

Aftermath: This went on for about 2 years (sadly enough, I know) before I finally had enough one night and broke up with him via text. I went to his house, picked up my motorcycle helmet he bought me and left the ring.

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“Friends season premiere”

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When I got pregnant, we couldn’t have sextoo riskyso you can imagine how 11 and half months later I was more than ready to be touched again. Imagine my surprise when I lit the candles, put on the lingerie and presented myself to my husband, only to be told “Um, can we do this tomorrow? It’s the season premiere of Friends and I don’t wanna miss it” All I could do was go to bed and cry myself to sleep. I did for a week after that; he had no clue what he did to me.


Aftermath: The relationship ended that evening, in my heart anyway, and I asked for a divorce three months later. He never touched me again, the thought sickened me. I deserved better, so much better!!!




She wore that ugly-ass green shirt that made her look like a pirate. She just needed an eye patch.


Aftermath: Ongoing

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My best friend and I were going to get matching tattoos. My then-boyfriend said, “If you get that tattoo, we’re done.” I left his place a few minutes later.


Aftermath: I got the tattoo as planned and am happily single. :)

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“Harry Potter and the pointless argument”

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We got into a two hour long shouting match over something that may or may not have happened in a Harry Potter book.


Aftermath: I realized how stupid the past year and a half had been and refused to talk to her for about a week before finally calling and breaking up with her. This was not the first trivial argument we had.

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