“Trade in value”

best of clashes

She checked out the financial stability of a guy she was infatuated with to see if there was the possibility of making a step up in her life.

— Steve

Aftermath: Still together because divorce is so costly.

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“WOW! What A Jerk!”


He decided to go to a World Of Warcraft convention… on my birthday. He forgot what day my birthday was, even though we’d been together eight years.

— Sarah

Aftermath: I have been with my current guy for two years. The first birthday I got to celebrate with him was the best birthday I’d ever had.

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“Razor Blades”


Was asking on IM what was going on for Valentine’s Day and my way of phrasing things was being picked apart. Argument ensued, and he said “Shall I just get out the razor blades now then?”

— Willow

Aftermath: Ongoing, but I’m going stag for Valentine’s this year and if someone new comes along, I won’t be saying no.

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“Anniversary Present”


One day my ex packed all her clothes, took my truck and left. She called a short time later and her parents and I went to pick her up. That evening we decided to go to marriage counseling. Then she got pregnant and had a miscarriage.

— Rob

Aftermath: She asked for a divorce as an anniversary present.

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“Day of Defeat”


He’d invite me over to watch a movie, then get up shortly into the movie to “just check something” on his computer. Five minutes later he’d have his headset on and be yelling into the computer at his DOD (Day of Defeat) team.

— Rachel

Aftermath: I’d fall asleep out of boredom. We broke up.

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