“The Sims 2”


After a separation we tried to work things out. She would stay at my place more than her own and things seemed to be going well. Then The Sims 2 made it into the home. She spent more time playing us in the game than AS us in the real world

— Chris

Aftermath: I filed for divorce, after sending back the papers over a dozen times my lawyer passed it on to the judge. When the papers came back to the court ripped to pieces the divorce was granted on the spot.

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“Way to Sell Yourself”

best of clashes

We had been dating long distance for a couple months when he called to tell me he had just slapped the crap out of some random woman who disagreed with something he had said. He was quite excited about it too. In a word? WOW.


Aftermath: I stopped answering his calls. He kept calling for 6 months using different phone numbers. Dodged a bullet there.

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“A List”

best of clashes

She had a list of all my friends who she hated for taking “attention” away from her.


Aftermath: Left that crazy chick. Not sure what ever happened to the her or the list. My friends are all still alive.

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“European Groupies”

best of clashes

I  dated a guy I was head over heels for, best sex of my life. He was in a band and leaving for a European tour for 3 months. Initially he wanted me to come, but changed his mind. Before he left, he told me he didn’t want to cheat on me, but wasn’t sure he could control himself with all the hot European groupies. I realized the only thing I could do was tell him it was fine, but that we shouldn’t date anymore. My heart broke into a million pieces.

—Glorified Groupie

Aftermath: Three months later he returned from Europe with a hot, new wife he’d only just met. A few months later, he emailed asking me out for a drink. I told him I didn’t think his new wife would appreciate it and he pretended he didn’t know what I was talking about. Funny thing is, I still kind of miss him.

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“By Myself”

best of clashes

The morning after completing a 2,500 mile trip to see my father, who had been diagnosed with cancer and given 6 months to live, she told me we needed to talk. She said she thought she could do better by herself. I married her after she got pregnant overseas in the military. I asked her if she thought of it all on her own. No, she said, the people at work helped her figure it out.


Aftermath: I left, right then to take care of dad. And, 26 yrs later she still blames me for everything that went wrong in her life (plenty). She is as big as a house and mean as a snake now.  I have peace and serenity.

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