“Mr F Up!”


He’s older, great body, total f-up, bankrupt, 2 kids, crazy ex wife, always late. Super nice, very well educated, everyone loves him, great in bed, awesome guy other than what I just mentioned.


Aftermath: Five years of living together but I’m not sure now! Thinking of big break-up…help?

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“Culture Shock”

best of clashes

He started making plans for a joint vacation (after only four days of knowing each other) to New York’s Chinatown because he wanted “to learn more about my culture.” I’m Korean.


Aftermath: He was a very clingy, sticky rice queen, so it wasn’t too difficult quitting him.

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best of clashes

We had been dating for a year and a half and he gave me $20 in a card for Christmas.


Aftermath: Pretty sure he is seeing someone else. If I’m only worth $20, I’d hate to see what she gets.

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best of clashes

While going through my texts, I realized I deleted the ones from her first because she literally never had anything interesting, funny, or even very smart to say.


Aftermath: We kept going out for about a month later, but we pretty much stopped trying after a couple weeks and had a very boring breakup. A fitting end to a similarly lackluster relationship.

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“Sucker Puncher”

best of clashes

A short time after moving in together, we were arguing and she flipped over a bucket full of Pine Sol water I was holding, getting it all over me and nearly ruining her loveseat. Later that day, she got in my face and clinched her fist like she was going to hit me.


Aftermath: She hit me twice … a few months later. I had just broken up with her and, from three feet away, she through her phone at my face. Then she sucker punched me while I was tending to my eye, which was closed up. We don’t speak anymore.

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