“He owed it to her”


He called to tell me that I was the most amazing woman he has ever met, that he is in love with me, but that he owed it to his wife to see if their marriage could be salvaged. Not because he is in love with her but because he would “feel bad” leaving her.

— Star

Aftermath: I was devastated but feel worse for his wife.

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“Couldn’t be bothered….”


I sent him a text in the early a.m. on Valentine’s day… I poured my heart out to him and didn’t get a response…I texted again to see if he got it and his response was “Yeah, I already know this, why are you telling me again?…”

— Karen

Aftermath: He never did say Happy Valentine’s Day.

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“HARD Day at Work”


He told me he masturbated in the men’s restroom at work. I asked if he was thinking of me.  “No, just thinking about my men working on those John Deere tractor’s, turned me on.”

— Laura

Aftermath: He moved to the kid’s room, and we divorced within the year. Who knew….

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“Till Death”


We broke up because he was an abusive liar, but I was so in love that we decided to stay friends. Less than a week later on the phone he told me I should go kill myself.

— Samantha

Aftermath: We haven’t spoken since, and I’m definitely over him.

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“Girl on Girl”


My girlfriend of six years told me “You don’t have what she has…”

— Pascual

Aftermath: I found a new girl and now happily married. I still receive texts from my ex wanting to get back with me.

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