“Ring Ring”


His ex-girlfriend called while we were in bed. He spoke to her for a good 30 minutes. After he hung up he said “I don’t think I’ll ever get over her” and asked me to hold him as he cried.

— Katie

Aftermath: I told him to leave and forced him out the door….naked. Must have been an awesome drive home. I know he needed to stop for gas.

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“America Runs on Dunkin’”


While he was eating his precious Sunday morning donuts, we had yet another argument. He threw the box across my living room and left.

— Justified Jen

Aftermath: I proceeded to stuff his brand new running shoes with the leftovers.

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“World of Warcraft”


He got so addicted to World of Warcraft that he would tell me we could have sex after he got done in 2 hours. Or would turn down a blowjob cause it would break his concentration.


Aftermath: We broke up and he got married 8 months later and had a baby a year later. She doesn’t know he cheated on her with me.

This post was submitted by JMH.


“Funeral Fight”


After my father’s funeral, my wife got into a heated argument with my mother about nothing.

— Ron

Aftermath: Within 3 months, I had filed for divorce.

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“Scrabble Smackdown”


He threw the Scrabble game board across the room, tiles flying everywhere, because I played a word where he was planning to play his “Q” word.

— Michelle

Aftermath: I threatened to break up, but he tried to show how much he loved me by reconstructing the board exactly as it was before his fit of rage. I married the arse, and later divorced him.

This post was submitted by Michelle .

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