“I’ll make the decision for you”


We’d been dating 2 weeks. I asked her if she was happy with our relationship and she replied, “Yes, but I don’t know if I like you or this other guy better yet.”

— Tim

Aftermath: I immediately broke it off.

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“Three’s a crowd”


An old friend told me he was going through a divorce and asked me to dinner. I met him at the restaurant and he had brought his wife.

— jennifer

Aftermath: He called a few more times but I ignored him.

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“Beer Bong”


On the last night of our vacation he got furious with me for refusing to do a beer bong.

— Jane

Aftermath: I texted a co-worker of mine to vent. Now he’s my husband.

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“Disgusting and Illegal”


I found sexual texts from his 15-year-old co-worker, then I found a letter from a 12-year-old girl from a third world country explaining what sexual acts she would do to him. He was 24!

— InDePeNdAnT

Aftermath: I dumped his disgusting a**.

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“Tossed Cookies”


He was afraid the homemade cookies I brought him would make him fat and said he would toss them as soon as I left but not before adding, “No, I’ll pee on them first.”

— Amy

Aftermath: This story gets me sympathy.

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