“Beat it, psycho”

best of clashes

While watching a movie where a man killed his wife for cheating, he turned to me and very seriously said “I’d do that to you if I ever caught you cheating.”

— RachelDLW

Aftermath: Broke up with him. For a while he would park in my driveway for hours at a time.

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“Ye of little faith”


My wife and I were discussing our dreams for the future. I told her mine and she laughed in my face.

— jeff

Aftermath: We divorced a few years later.

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“Think that says it all”

best of clashes

She said “If you go to sleep tonite you will not wake up tomorrow.”

— justme

Aftermath: Slept in my truck and got a divorce.

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“So drink it warm then”


She got drunk and slapped me in the face because I was putting her beer in the fridge.

— Michael

Aftermath: I still don’t know what she was upset about.

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“Family Reunion”


I got suckered into attending her family reunion after 2 dates. I was sitting there enjoying a beer, when Grandma and Grandpa come over and welcome me to the family.

— buzzy

Aftermath: I left a vapor trail leaving that cookout.

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