I asked her what she ultimately believed marriage was and she answered “a financial arrangement…”

— vitaminb

Aftermath: I broke up with her that evening.

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“Peter Pan Syndrome”


After being separated from my spouse for over 9 months due to his losing job after job, he has the nerve to ask me, “So how long do I have to hold this job before we can live together again?”

— done with never never land

Aftermath: I’m filing for divorce.

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“Left Him There”


We took a trip (in MY vehicle) from Texas to Colorado to visit his dad. When we got there, he started treating another girl like SHE was his girlfriend, even disappearing in MY truck for several hours.

— zolabear

Aftermath: I packed my stuff and left him there.

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“My Mistake”


I was studying for a big test before my night class and asked if he would mind throwing on some pasta so I could study a bit longer. He turned and said “Isn’t that your job?”

— Natalie

Aftermath: I moved out a month or so later when he was out-of-town.

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“Havin’ his way at Subway”


He lost his job as a manager at Subway for inappropriately touching a 17-year-old employee.

— nicole

Aftermath: He said she was lying. I asked for a divorce. Now his 18-year-old girlfriend that he met at his new job is pregnant. He’s 32.

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