“Intensive Care Unit”


I was rushed to the hospital and placed in the Intensive Care Unit for 4 days due to a large blood clot in my right arm.

— Annie

Aftermath: My boyfriend never came to visit.

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“The Dryer…”


I got drunk and pissed in her dryer.

— DownTown

Aftermath: My bad.

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“Captain Mooch”


At my birthday party he started buying everyone drinks. At the end of the night, he asked if I would pay for the tab. 

— Amanda

Aftermath: We broke up via police escort the following year.

This post was submitted by Amanda J.

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“Diamond District”


She invited me to go to Boston. Somehow we ended up in the diamond district, “to pick something out for her mom.” Before I knew it we were sitting in a little office being shown diamonds for engagement rings. I had been tricked.

— Mark

Aftermath: I left angry. Now I’m engaged to someone else.

This post was submitted by Mark.

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“Cough Syrup”


My high school boyfriend showed up high on cough syrup one evening. He told me he thought he was overdosing and got my father to drive him to the hospital.

— Cait

Aftermath: I graduated and went to college. He is still drinking cough syrup in our hometown.

This post was submitted by Cait.

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