“Financial support and not much else”

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He told me that he’s too busy for a girlfriend and all my “needs”. I can stick around and he will support me financially but not to expect much else for at least the next couple years until he gets his business running smoothly.


Aftermath: Still trying to figure out how to extradite myself. I work in one of his businesses. Leaving him means being homeless AND jobless.

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“Cat crap revenge”


He hated my cat. My cat hated him.

After a few months of them fighting for dominance, he tossed my cat out one night. The next morning he found a steaming pile on the driver seat in his car.


Aftermath: Cat was there first.

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“(Not) Jealous Much?”

chemistry clashes

We were at a bar with friends. A young, attractive French man was showing interest in me. Later that night, when I asked my boyfriend if the incident made him jealous, he looked me in the eyes, and, with all seriousness replied, “No.”


Aftermath: Hint taken. Thanks for being blunt.

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“Schizophrenic? Bi-Polar?”

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It should have been over when he sent me a text informing me that he’d been lying to me for a month about who he was – his name, everything. Being a forgiving person, I chose to look past it for his honesty, only to be dumped 2 days before Valentine’s Day because we’d “grown apart.”


Aftermath: The same night he dumped me, he called me because I hadn’t tried to contact him after, and said he missed me and that he can’t not talk to me. CHECK. MATE.

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“New Year’s Resolution”


I was married for about 4 years and just had a child. My wife was crying about how she felt that she wasn’t a good mom. This went on a whole week, and then Friday came along and she asked if I would stay home with the kids while she went drinking. It was 1 in the morning, and when I didn’t get a call back, I was done.

Aftermath: We fought the next few months and she kept asking if I wanted a divorce…On New Year’s Eve , I finally said, “YEP!” She only sees our child every other weekend – if it fits in to her busy schedule. What a New Year’s resolution, and I’ve never been happier!

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