“Cigars or Me?”


My ex gave me an ultimatum: Stop smoking cigars or else. She thought the smell from my clothes after a cigar would affect a child if she was pregnant. I said that was like me working at Pizza Hut, coming home, and her getting fat from smelling my clothes.

— Nate

Aftermath: She dumped me.

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“To See What it was Like”


My boyfriend called to tell me he kissed a man on the roof of a NYC building because he wanted “to see what it was like” but that it didn’t count as cheating…I was pretty sure kissing someone who was not me was cheating.

— Leche

Aftermath: Somehow I stayed with him for a few more months. After we broke up, he tried to be my friend. I refused.

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“Pawn Stars”


He popped the question with a ring that he purchased from a pawn shop.

— Tanya

Aftermath: Once I found out, we broke up. He continued to lie unconvincingly about having a brain tumor. I pawned the ring for the top-dollar price of fifty bucks.

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“First Date, Last Chance”


After our first date he turned to me and said he was having a party because he was moving out of the state and he really, really wanted me there because it was “our last chance to be together…if you know what I mean.”

— Jen

Aftermath: I did not return any of his calls and two months later I saw him at a restaurant I was at. So much for having  moved out of state!

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“She looked 18 officer…”

best of clashes

She slept over one night and we woke up late on a weekday. She said she was late for school. To my horror she had me drop her off at a local high school.

— Tom

Aftermath: I sold my car and joined the military and am now in Iraq. Is that far enough?

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