“Used and Abused”

clashes secrets!

I helped her get through being raped by one of her family members. As soon as everything began to go back to normal, she said she didn’t have a “passionate love for me.”

—The Coach

Aftermath: She was a drama queen. I bet none of it even happened. Pretty sure there was another guy the entire time.

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“Ice cream craze”


After a long day at work I was chillin’ and watching TV with her. An ice cream commercial came on. She asked me to get it for her NOW… I said that I just want to watch the show…and she starts a screamfest.

—Dee Zee

Aftermath: Adios!

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“Get back into church”


I met a charming Englishman while he was in the States on holiday and had a wonderful 2 weeks with him. When he returned home he told me that he was raised as a Jehovah’s Witness and had promised his parents that when he was back home from his trip he would get back into “church”.


Aftermath: It took approximately 5 long months for him to fully understand that I did not want to be with him. He continued to email me once a month for 2 additional years, even though I would not respond. Persistance doesn’t always pay off.

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“Left in Dr. Phil’s green room”


A friend talked me into writing a letter to Dr. Phil. They accepted & asked my boyfriend and I to come. After the show the PhD on staff pulled us into the green room and said, “Amber, you know it is going to get worse before it gets better.” I responded, “Ya know what, I can’t do ‘worse'”


Aftermath: I called American Airlines, changed my flight, and got drunk with a childhood friend in L.A. Best night of my life. My ex and I are friends, but he never forgave me for dragging him on the Dr. Phil show and then leaving him in the green room.

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“Rocky roommates”


I found out my boyfriend for a year and a half was dating a whore named Crystal.

—Not Steve

Aftermath: We avoid contact even though we’re still roommates.

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