“Following Orders”


I got a text telling me to shut up!


Aftermath: I shut up.

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“Callin’ like a collectah”


I tried to tell him that I’m not the “needy” type, and being a single mom, a student and a full-time worker…I don’t always have time to talk on the phone. The next day he called me 3 times and then gave me crap for not answering…

—Stupid Girl

Aftermath: He must be deaf…cuz he won’t be hearin’ from me again. Stalk-ahhh

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“He’s no Prince”


My ex (who pees off the deck every morning) threw my Prince import CD out the redneck truck window because “Prince is a purple faggot.”

—Bub-bye a-hole

Aftermath: I ordered a new cd and moved out. PSYCHO.

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“Paycheck porn problems”


I knew it was over when he decided to stop his paycheck deposit into our bank account, establish an individual account and proceeded to finance a $400 per month porn club membership. He used the remaining money for drugs.


Aftermath: Anyone else is welcome to him, cuz I’m done!!!

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“Go Giants”


He liked the Dallas cowboys. I like the New York Giants.


Aftermath: He then told me he was an “everyone” fan after yelling at me for not liking the Cowboys

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